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Men’s Sportswear: Why is it important to choose quality clothing?

In general the definition of sport is related to physical activity, however it is necessary to take into account that it should not be confused with physical exercise, since there are games such as chess that do not require physical activity but agility and great concentration. The mind is part of the body and its activity is considered as physical activity but not as physical exercise. For its part, the International Olympic Committee points out that sport is a human right and states that “everyone should have the opportunity to practice sport without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding, solidarity and a spirit of friendship and fair play”.

If you are looking for a shopping guide to find out what men’s running clothes you need for your fitness routines or to go to the gym, we have some good tips for you. In this comparison we show you a selection with excellent value for money so that you know which one to choose.

Why is it important to choose quality clothing?


Choosing good running sportswear for men starts by considering the best brands and their latest innovations. The established manufacturers offer you guaranteed products, with quality materials and adapted to your favourite discipline.

If you like fitness, jogging or running, you have a lot of cheap running clothes for men with good performance.

Within the extensive catalogue in different online stores, you can buy running clothes for men from Puma, Asics and other brands. These clothes are designed to be versatile, protect you from the cold, give you comfort and better perspiration. For your fitness training or outdoors, you can get shorts or long pants, shorts, tank tops, tights and more.

If you want to stay cool, less sweaty and protected, technical running clothing for men is designed with the latest technology. Far from the inefficient cotton, its synthetic fabrics allow you to perspire better and have fewer seams. This reduces the usual friction and discomfort of other materials.

How do you equip yourself well for running and fitness?

When you train or exercise in different environments, consider whether you need winter or summer men’s running clothes.

In some cases you may require more protection, freedom of movement, more or less adjustment. To equip yourself well, we recommend this:

Thermal running clothing for men such as coats or vests are very useful for mountain, trail or cross-country modalities. During adverse weather, additional protection keeps you comfortable when running or doing your fitness routine.

When the weather is hot or cool, we recommend wearing tight shorts or pants, known as tights. In addition, you can complete your outfit with technical clothing such as a short-sleeved or sleeveless T-shirt, which can be loose or tight.

You can always buy men’s running clothes on sale for the cold. The most advisable are long pants or tights, which give you a better thermal sensation. Also, long and tight sleeve T-shirts are the best option.

Unlike women, men’s running underwear is made up of only one piece. If you don’t want to wear your usual boxers or underwear, you have the option that already includes this protection.

The first thing you must determine is the discipline in which you will exercise, so that you choose the right sportswear. You don’t choose a pair of men’s running shoes if you’re going to play football. The same goes for the clothes.

In sports, what prevails is comfort. Feeling comfortable is what matters most to men. That doesn’t mean you’ll go to the gym with a T-shirt three sizes too big. Also, don’t wear tight clothing that marks areas of your body.

Choose comfortable, quality clothing


Follow these tips to bring comfort, cutting-edge and what works best for you to your training location.

To avoid a sedentary life you can set a sport routine that will help you look and feel better. To exercise at home you don’t need to have machines or a lot of sports equipment at your disposal. Just a little willingness, motivation and sportswear that will help you feel comfortable throughout your workout.

Here are the latest trends in men’s sportswear, from shorts to jackets for when it’s cold and you want to do sport outdoors.


The shorts are the perfect complement for the hottest ones. They are suitable for exercising at home or outdoors, as well as for any other activity that involves more effort. It has a built-in drawcord to adjust the size of the trousers and also has an integrated 360º pocket to carry your accessories safely at the waist, in the back zippered pocket and in the side pockets for your hands. It features AdvancedSkin ActiveDry technology, so the trousers are breathable and keep you dry while doing sport.

Nike T-shirt

This Nike branded t-shirt is ideal for any season. You can wear it under your favorite sweatshirt in winter or use it without anything else in summer. There are many colours to choose from so you can choose the one that suits you best. It is made of 100% polyester and prevents the accumulation of sweat, so it keeps you dry and comfortable at all times.

Adidas Long Pants

With these long pants from Adidas you will follow the latest trend in sport and you will be comfortable at all times. It’s black with white stripes and the bottom of the pant fits around the ankle. The waist is elastic and has a drawstring. Thanks to its Climalite technology, it repels sweat and its front zippers can store and protect your belongings while you play sport.

Adidas rain jacket

You can find this Adidas brand raincoat in three colors: red, navy blue and black. It is perfect for outdoor sports, such as in the park or in your garden. It has a hood to protect you from the rain and has two side pockets for your hands. The cut is classic and the zipper is complete. The mesh lining improves ventilation and keeps the skin dry.

New Balance Shoes

When it comes to sport, it is essential to have comfortable shoes that allow us to move around without any discomfort. We recommend these from New Balance. The exterior material is leather and the interior lining is synthetic. The midsole is made of EVA foam, which guarantees supreme cushioning and stability. With its arch support you can keep up with your workout schedule without getting hurt.

Understanding socks

These socks are the ideal accessory for shock absorption during training, and will also help reduce fatigue and swelling in the calves. Physix Gear Sport socks will provide support from the arch to the calf, improving circulation and oxygen flow so you can endure more and better during your workouts. In addition to sports, these socks can be used to reduce edema for pregnant women or people who have undergone surgery.

Comprehensive clothing set

With this set of clothes you have everything you need to exercise at home. Men’s running leggings fit perfectly to your body and will help you show off a defined figure. Their flexible fit will reduce muscle fatigue and pain, plus it will prevent you from tearing or breaking due to high intensity exercise. It will also help you keep warm during the winter and keep you cool during the summer.

Dressing well is important, but that doesn’t mean we always have to choose elegant clothes. Well, you can create a fantastic and attractive sports look for men if you know how to do it and what criteria to take into account.



The classic and elegant style is no longer the most used by men. Times have changed, and wearing a shirt, a blazer and a tie to go for a walk with the bride or have a drink with friends, is not what you wear. Men bet a lot on a sporty look, both because of the comfort provided by sportswear and because of the flexibility of combining them for a more casual and casual style.

Men often prefer not to make too much of a choice when it comes to their outfits, which is why the sports look is one of the best options for them: sportswear is very versatile due to the wide range of colours and materials of the products we can find on the market today. In this article we are going to give you the necessary keys to choose your favourite sports look, because, despite all the recommendations we can give you, the way of dressing finally goes with the personality of each one.


Sportswear stands out because of its texture. Their materials are usually soft to the touch, like cotton, and are somewhat looser than suit clothes. Some of the sporty-looking items that can be found in men’s wardrobes are, for example, trainers, sweatshirts, sports shirts or caps.

All these elements, well combined, can give rise to a sporty look with a lot of personality and style. We at INTERSPORT recommend that you combine a Nike tracksuit jacket or Adidas tracksuit with jeans, a basic T-shirt and Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Firefly sneakers. Take a look at our online shop for men’s sports products and let yourself be seduced by the best offers from top brands!

Another of our favorite looks is the combination of a pair of sneakers with a pair of shorts and a cap. For the summer, this is a cool and comfortable sports look, which certainly fits well for a walk around town. In the vast majority of cases, simplicity is the key to exquisiteness.

Although mixing sportswear with causal clothing can look good, there is one important criterion that should be taken into account, and if it is not respected, it could look a little extravagant. Sportswear, especially with unattractive or more neutral colors, fits with almost everything, and we say almost everything because a sports shirt or tracksuit does not fit very well with an elegant garment, such as a shirt or a pair of pants. However, if you’re looking for a more radical look, go ahead, as we said, looks are defended and defined by the personality of each one.

Goodbye to so many ridiculous looks: this is how you should dress in the gym
Dressing appropriately at the gym is more important than you think. Looking good when you exercise helps you gain confidence and approach your workout as strongly as possible. By following our advice, you’ll soon be able to do just that.

You can’t rest even in the gym anymore. The growing concern about the fashion of each other in a world where we feel more and more observed and pressured to reach the modern beauty canons forces us to meditate also in the outfit of the gym as if we were going to a real banquet.

Fortunately, we are here to help you with a series of tips and basic garments with which to feel good and get the most out of your body.
Make no mistake, you have to be comfortable in a gym
It’s true that today’s gyms are becoming more and more like those of Ancient Greece, places of socialization where you can meet and interact with people while working out. But we must not forget one thing that might interest you: you go to the gym to train, and you have to go there dressed comfortably.

Therefore, always look for elastic cotton T-shirts and, above all, make sure they are breathable. Watching us sweat like crazy is not very pleasant. In this sense, we recommend that you do not wear grey T-shirts, since, within the reduced range of typical gym colours, it is the one in which you can most notice the sweat.

Old clothes are not for the gym


Most of us tend to put our gym clothes on a second level, in a second division. And as such, we tend to bring down somewhat torn or worn-out clothes to that second category before giving them the final thrust, which is none other than to use them for walking around the house. The chain that we have followed to the letter for years must be broken once and for all, at least as far as the intermediate step is concerned.

Gym clothes should be clothes adapted to the gym, not anything that is out of fashion. So if you don’t want to give up a specific piece of clothing because you’re fond of it, wear it on your afternoon of film and blanket, not for exercise. You’ll thank us.

Adapt to whatever suits you…

We’d all like to wear what we want. And you can do it, wow, nobody’s stopping you. It’s quite another thing if it’s going to fit you. Buying clothes from the gym is not just about going to the Decathlon and filling up the shopping cart, it requires a series of rules that you have to take into account, because not all styles fit well with everyone’s physique. Be aware, here are some guidelines to follow:

If you have a sculptured body, choose short, sleeveless T-shirts. Don’t buy two sizes too small, though, because it will cost you much more.
If you are just starting out and the only tablet is the one you will eat when you leave the gym, opt for wide t-shirts (not XXL either), which are also highly recommended when you are going to do an exercise in which you sweat a lot.
If you are quite thin, it is best to wear a hooded sweatshirt, which creates the feeling of greater body volume.

…And the type of exercise you want to do

As far as the bottom is concerned, the best thing to do in the gym is to wear shorts. The type will depend on the exercise routine you have planned. We have to start planning our session at the gym at home, in order to choose the right clothes according to the planning chosen. If you are going to do a spinning class, tight pants. If you want to do legwork using weight, loose-fitting.

The same goes for sneakers. The ones you use when you go running on the treadmill should be different from those you use for weight training, even if almost nobody does it. Neither this nor the pants thing is very difficult, and it’s more important than it seems to avoid possible bad posture and injury.

Leggins, yes, but not at any price

Many women are betting on leggings to go to the gym, as they are flexible, comfortable and stylish. Should we follow in their footsteps? No problem, but on one condition: wear a pair of shorts on top. It’s not a plan to overdo it or embarrass the rest of us or yourself. Besides, the combination of shorts and leggings is in fashion among celebrities. If Justin Bieber wears it, why don’t you?

Socks, that big problem

When we say that everything is important in gym clothes, we’re not exaggerating. Socks, that part of our wardrobe that we pay so little attention to (you didn’t even notice you were wearing them until now?) can ruin our look. That’s why you should burn this. No patterned socks or strange prints, here it is mandatory to be simple. Short, plain socks, and that’s it. Color doesn’t matter so much as long as they’re short and plain. Got it? Short and plain, short and plain, short and plain.

Keep everything in a decent bag

The entrance to the gym can only be triumphant if you are accompanied by the perfect sports bag, the one that fits both your work and sports clothes, so that you do not sing at any time.