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Women’s Sportswear: Which is the best of 2020?

The term sport is a physical activity, basically of competitive character and that improves the physical condition of the individual who practices it, in the same way it has a series of properties that make it different from the game. For its part, the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines this term as a physical activity that is exercised through competition and whose practice requires training and rules.

Women’s Sportwear or Activewear – What should you pay attention to?

Many people think these terms mean sportswear in general. However, it is important to mention their differences, which even if they are few, will help you identify women’s sportswear immediately and in any type of store.

In this opportunity, we present you the women’s sportswear that will make you look amazing, improve your performance and much more! It is important to choose them correctly to feel comfortable when dancing, running, jumping, in the gym and any other sport activity.

In the following article, you will discover what you always wanted to know about this type of specific exercise clothing. There is so much on offer in the market that we often wonder which is the best for looking good, for a specific sport or for the coldest days. Solve all your doubts and discover women’s sportswear.

First the most important

Many doubts haunt us when we want to buy women’s sportswear. What we would most like to know is how to combine or what comes with these clothes or how to do it in winter when it is colder. Of course, plus-size people are not left out, as we all have the right to dress comfortably and look good.

You can also differentiate between two types of women’s sportswear. It is not the same to do cardiovascular or stretching exercises as it is to do water activities. Sportwear specializes in clothing for specific sports, while Activewear is ideal for living your life normally, comfortably and in a casual style.

Don’t waste time and money choosing any garment for its price or appearance. If you want to compare the models and choose based on your personal needs, always evaluate the type of fiber, the underwear you will wear, the layers and the type of sport you will do.

FITTOO Leggings Women’s Yoga High Waist Elastic and Breathable Leggings for Yoga Running Fitness

Fitoo’s sports leggings are the best-selling leggings because of their push up and wrinkle design. They are ideal for yoga, gym, pilates, among others. Designed with polyester and elastane to be expandable and facilitate movements. Available in sizes S,M,L and XL in a variety of colors.

Hanes Sport Cool DRI Performance – Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt, Wow Pink, L

A traditional V-neck shirt, ideal for any kind of sport, especially outdoors as it has +50 FPS. The Hanes brand developed this Cool dri technology that keeps you dry and also evaporates sweat easily. Made of 100% polyester, it has a loose fit and excellent quality.

Camouflage Leggings Women’s Sportswear Mallon Lycra Malone Leggins Leggins Unitalla

Bellati camouflage leggings that have compression on the legs and will make you show off your curves in all their glory, while helping to reduce cellulite. Made of lycra, very soft to the touch and flexible so you can do any sport. It is one size fits all and covers S,M and L, perfect for all body types.

What you need to know about Women’s Sportswear


In order to choose the right women’s sportswear for each type of person, body and activity, it is necessary to know what the product is about. To do this, we will answer the most typical questions of people hoping they will help you answer yours as well.

The main thing is to choose sportswear that fits you and suits you.

Women’s sportswear has burst into the world of fashion with great force. Today, it is so elegant, beautiful, comfortable and stylish that it can be worn anywhere and at any time. In fact, it has never been so trendy and cool to wear sportswear to work or in your day-to-day life.

More than ever, our hectic daily life demands comfortable and practical clothing. And of course, giving up style is simply not an option, so how do we combine fashion and functionality without giving up style?

Athleisure is the answer

Athleisure is blurring the line between what you would wear to work or to the gym. Whether you’re thinking about going to yoga or having a drink, now, thanks to new brands of women’s sportswear, you can do both with the same clothes, without the slightest problem.

What is Athleisure?

The term “athleisure”, athletic and leisure, is defined as

Casual and comfortable clothing designed to be worn for both exercise and everyday use

Although this definition may be technically correct, it is also a bit boring. The true greatness of athleisure is that it is beautiful and stylish, and fully functional. The relaxed and fresh style of sportswear is combined with fashion to create a completely new trend, which is both elegant and comfortable.

More than just a trend, athleisure reflects a change in lifestyle, which goes hand in hand with a greater awareness of health and wellbeing. And as such, this movement in sportswear (functional and elegant) is here to stay, so it is time to investigate what athleisure has to offer.

How to combine women’s sportswear?

Before worrying about the style you want to wear, we recommend that you choose the right clothes for the sport you want to do, as it is not the same to do yoga as to run. Once this is clear, you can enjoy the many designs, colors and types of clothes you like.
The tights will help you show off your figure and make you look and feel firm

Sports tights will help pronounce your figure and keep everything in place, while shorts or skirts will serve to show off your toned legs. T-shirts with straps allow your armpits to breathe and make you look more professional.

Where and how to buy women’s sportswear in large sizes?

Being a curvy girl is no longer a problem, sports and casual trends are within reach and can be found in any store. The general rule is that if you are going to wear tight clothes, do not compress your body too much. This can be uncomfortable, irritating and even deform your body.
Prefer reinforced seams and thick elastic fabrics that guarantee they will not become transparent when you wear them and hide cellulite. To buy, you can visit Amazon as an online store or consult your favorite brand such as Nike or Reebok for specialized sports or Forever 21 if you are looking for a more casual look.

What is the ideal sportswear for the winter?

The most important thing during the winter is to keep warm while we exercise. The general recommendation is to use a first layer, over any light and loose garment that is of your preference. Then consider a raincoat if it is raining or accessories for sensitive parts, such as earmuffs and gloves.
“The ideal way to counteract the cold is to use a certain number of layers that are easily accessible, with zippers or buttons. This way you can easily regulate the temperature as your body demands it, whether you open to ventilate, take it out completely or add it to keep warm”.

Purchase criteria: factors that allow you to compare and qualify different models of women’s sportswear

If you want to get the best quality, you must choose your product always informed. Finally, we show you the factors that will help you compare the available offer and choose the women’s sportswear that is right for you.

The material of women’s sportswear is a factor that will affect your comfort and performance. Always consider the type of activity you will be doing and your personal situation, to choose the one that best suits and meets your expectations.

Clothing according to the type of sport

Because not all sports are performed with the same intensity, not all sports generate the same amount of sweat or require the strength and softness of the equipment. The most important thing is to keep in mind the type of sport, since that will indicate how the right women’s sportswear should be for you.

Running and cycling require lightweight, loose-fitting clothing with quick-drying and cooling technology. It is recommended to have fluorescent stripes to distinguish yourself in places with little light or outdoors.

For mountaineering, and outdoor activities, loose garments with great coverage on arms and legs should be preferred to avoid bites, sunburn and allow freedom of movement.

For the gym, we recommend sports tights or pants below the knee. In general, they should be semi-adjusted and have short sleeves for joint protection and for aesthetic reasons, if they are of your preference.

Yoga, zumba and cardiovascular activities require loose or very flexible, light, comfortable and breathable clothing, so that you can master all movements and the fabric contracts and stretches as required.


As we mentioned earlier, wearing layers of women’s sportswear is the key to regulating temperature in all types of weather. However, it is also something that affects people who exercise outdoors, during the coldest hours, with wind or rain.


Footwear is essential to protect our joints, ankle and knee while we exercise. It is an essential part of women’s sportswear and should be chosen based on the level of demand of the sport you will be doing. You can find specialized ones for each activity or discern yourself among them:

Low impact. Sports such as walking, cycling, gym, pilates, among others. They are characterized by being lightweight and with non-slip soles to facilitate grip and stability. The thickness of it, should be chosen based on comfort and type of sport.

High impact. The most important thing in these cases is to reduce as much as possible the impact on our joints and especially on the knee. For sports such as crossfit, running, mountaineering, etc. It is recommended to prefer tennis shoes that have thick soles with impact absorption, that are light and ventilated.

Do’s and Don’ts of Women’s Sportswear

Getting your sportswear out of the gym requires knowing when it is appropriate to wear it and when it is not. While athletic wear probably isn’t the style you’ll want to wear to a job interview or wedding, it’s perfect for when you go out for lunch or an evening drink.

As a general rule, the more formal the occasion or location, the more elegant you should wear. However, the more informal the occasion, the more functional you can wear. And that’s where athleisure comes in:

How to wear women’s sportswear

While the athletic style first appeared in 1970, when people began to take fitness more seriously, it is now enjoyed not only by sports enthusiasts, but also by other women whose main goal is to feel comfortable.

To introduce athleisure into your everyday life:

14 Brands of Women’s Sportswear

When it comes to setting the trend in athletics, it is important to have a great list of brands to go to. These 14 brands will provide you with the perfect sports jackets, trousers, tights, T-shirts and sweatshirts to take your sportswear to the next level.

Aimé Leon Dore

Some of the best looks in athletics come from Aimé Leon Dore. Born in 2014 (based in Queens, New York) Aimé Leon Dore strives to create timeless pieces rooted in a simple yet powerful design. Among our favorite garments are colorful sweaters, women’s corduroy pants, silk-screened gym shorts and college style polo shirts.

Victoria Beckham & Reebok

Victoria Beckham and Reebok have teamed up to create a modern remix of sneakers, sweatshirts and minimalist tops, combining the relaxed attitude of “streetwear” with technical performance. The collection is unisex and will surely sell very quickly, so run, don’t walk.


Founded in 2014 by Australian designer, stylist and creative director Laura May, Nagnata is a women’s sportswear brand that makes its clothes in a sustainable way. Their collections of t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, shorts and leggings, and all their accessories, are designed for yoga, pilates, running, dancing and are the perfect transition garments.

Adam Selman Sport

From party dresses to polo shirts adorned with feathers, Adam Selman has always been known for his audacity and daring creations. And now, the designer is making his foray into sports with Adam Selman Sport: a line of unisex sportswear made up of pieces that combine performance and fashion. The debut collection (inspired by American sportswear from different eras) includes garments made from recycled nylon and polyester, ranging from leopard print spandex to neon fabrics and crystal-covered dividers.


Founded in 2015 by Nadine-Isabelle Baier and Arendt van Deyk, Aeance is a sportswear brand focused on eco-sustainability and ethical responsibility. With a style that combines technical design with sober minimalism, the motto of “less, but better quality”, is very evident in their tops, sweatshirts, jackets and leggings.

Kith Women

Comfort, sobriety and elegance come together in Kith Women. The perfect brand to wear in your workplace.

No Ka ‘Oi

You want to draw attention to yourself? Then No Ka ‘Oi is your brand. No Ka ‘Oi, which in Hawaiian means “the best”, is a sportswear brand inspired by the power of nature and founded in 2014 by Simona Finelli. Each collection features eye-catching colors, fantasy prints and eclectic fabrics designed to bridge the gap between apparel, sportswear and streetwear.

PE Nation

The Australian sportswear brand is one of the favourites among streetwear fans and it’s easy to guess why. With a distinctive tomboy style and a retro flavour, they make it one of the ‘must have’ brands in athleisure. Design, comfort and quality!

Charli Cohen

The athleisure style combines technical sportswear with the coolest and easiest to wear. And the Charli Cohen brand is a shining example of this: it combines cutting-edge technology with a fresh and contemporary design.


Aim’n offers the kind of sportswear that will easily give you a stylish and functional upgrade from athleisure to your wardrobe. Great color options combined with bold patterns is what makes this brand so special.

Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries’ rich military heritage makes it the perfect brand to buy women’s fire jackets and parkas to add to your sportswear.

Sweaty Betty

Whether you’re looking for a women’s jersey to match a pair of leggings or a pair of wide, stylish trousers to go with a short top, the London brand Sweaty Betty and its Sports Luxe range will provide you with a wealth of stylish sportswear.

Outdoor Voices

The comfortable, minimalist designs of Outdoor Voices are perfect for wearing anywhere and everywhere. Although you won’t find the typical neon-height mesh in this brand of sportswear, its palette of elegant neutral tones and simple designs make it an ideal brand to get into athletics.

Live the Process


Another ideal brand to get into the world of athleisure: quality, elegance and minimalism!

Women’s sportswear has become as essential as a pair of jeans and is having a very powerful influence on the fashion world.

Are you up for it?

Benefits of wearing comfortable clothing when practicing sports

Comfort is the first argument we can find to use the appropriate clothing for each activity, but beyond that, injuries such as small wounds or blood circulation difficulties are other negative consequences of not having specific clothing for each modality.

Benefits of wearing comfortable clothing when practicing sports

Doing sport is healthy as long as it is done in the right way, with the right movements, good hydration and, believe it or not, exercising in comfortable clothes is also very important.

When it comes to physical activity, many of us think about comfort and dress in the first thing we find in the closet, such as leggings or baggy pants, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt.

However, we need to be more careful with the clothes we choose for sports, because although it is an aspect that seems logical, it is usually the most forgotten. We must use clothes that allow us to develop with total naturalness in the routines.

The consequences can range from skin reactions to wearing an inappropriate garment, to more serious injuries such as tendon inflammation or sprains. Therefore, we should take a little more time to choose comfortable and appropriate clothing to start with the sport.

Playing sports with a couple


There are many people who do not dress in comfortable and appropriate clothing for the sport they practice, because they think that this clothing has a very high price. However, nowadays, there is a great offer in the market with which you can get your sports shoes, pants and T-shirts at a good price.

When it comes to practicing sports, keep in mind these tips to dress appropriately:

It is advisable to wear flannel, cotton or lycra pants or shorts, which do not fit but allow you to move comfortably.

Make sure that the garments are made with adequate materials to avoid rubbing, irritation and discomfort.
There are gym clothes that absorb sweat immediately and are quite comfortable when you go to exercise or do high-impact sports.

Choose specific clothing for each sport: protections, helmet, among others, to avoid injuries
In addition, you have to take into account the following factors when choosing comfortable and appropriate clothing for sports


If you are exercising outside, you should consider the weather. If it is hot, comfortable and appropriate clothing should help you prevent heat-related illnesses. Loose clothing allows air to cool your body and evaporate sweat. Choose light rather than dark colors to reflect the sun’s rays away from your body.

On the other hand, if it’s cold, you should choose clothes that are easy to take off as you warm up, and that you can put on when the sweat cools down. Polypropylene clothing can absorb your sweat, so it will become cold if it evaporates.

Also, the last layer of clothing, if it has openings for ventilation will help you regulate your body temperature when the weather is cold. Also, with these climates it is advisable to wear a scarf or a collar, with which you will protect your lungs from the cold air, as well as gloves and wool socks to keep your hands and feet warm.

In both types of weather, head protection is essential. In the winter, wear a warm hat to insulate your head. In the warm months, choose a lighter hat to protect your head from the sun.


For physical activity, choose comfortable and loose clothing so that you can have freedom of movement and perform the exercises correctly and comfortably. Avoid, for example, the use of jeans, because when you stretch you could not move your body as you wish, contrary to if you wear loose clothes.


You should also choose clothes that make you feel confident. If you feel good about your clothes, chances are you’ll feel good about exercising and want to keep doing it.

Studies have shown that African-American women who feel self-conscious about their appearance and exercise clothes are less likely to participate in physical activity.


Footwear is very important for physical activity, especially for exercises where there is a lot of use of the well, such as running. Nowadays, it is easy to get the right sports, since there are specific shoes for running, tennis, soccer and other sports.

The professionals and experts of the sport, always recommend shoes that have a resistant sole but with cushioning and support for the arches of the feet, which gives us protection and comfort.

In short, the clothes you wear to exercise are as important as carrying water with you.