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How is softball played?

The softball is a sport that eventually reached popularity among men and women of all ages and we can all play a game knowing the basic principles and rules.

The name "softball" comes from "soft or soft ball" very similar to baseball, due to the difference in dimensions both in equipment and on the field; made up of 7 entries.

Softball consists of hitting the ball, sending it far as in baseball and traveling the three bases that are on the field, without being touched by your opponent until completing 1 race; the team with the most runs will automatically win the match.

Commonly, the visiting team starts alternating with the home team, like baseball there is a pitcher and a catcher who will have the job of throwing and receiving the ball, but it is thrown under the arm.

The other players will be positioned at each base (1st, 2nd, SS and 3b) and in left, center and right field.

In softball there are two versions, the Slow Pitch and the Fast Pitch. In the first one the launches are slow and globeados and in the other they are as fast as possible. In many Slow Pitch leagues, home runs are punished for ease of throwing or not having to run the bases.

Once the ball is thrown, the opposing team will have to hit and run to first base, this will be done until completing a race or being eliminated to change team positions.

To know if a player will be eliminated you have to take into account the following:

1 ° Complete three strikes: This happens when the ball is hit badly, is taken off the field of play in the wrong direction or simply is not hit.

2nd Touch base: When the team that is throwing manages to touch a base before the player manages to reach it, it is automatically canceled and the player is eliminated.

3 ° Catch the ball in the air: once the player who is in position to hit the ball, throws it and the opposing team catches it before it touches the ground or reaches base, it will be eliminated.

4th Touch a player with the ball: If the player who batts starts to run to the base and the opposing team reaches him with the ball, it is also eliminated.

Softball is a very fun and entertaining game if you learn to enjoy it, you can spend too much time with your family or friends, in addition to that it will help improve your agility and endurance.